Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Funnily Enough: A Place for Writers

Since the web’s going to be fairly quiet today, I thought I’d take this time to mention my other site, The Funnily Enough. A place for writers to find information that will help them write a better book.

I visit a lot of writing blogs on a daily basis (usually when I should be doing something useful) and I come across a lot of posts about the craft and business of writing. Sometimes it’s a tiny site with hardly any followers, or it could be a huge corporate site with many contributors covering a host of subjects.

Unlike most collator sites which use an automated system to hoover up vaguely pertinent articles, I select everything personally and leave out stuff which is either too basic or overly esoteric.

Ideas, creativity, style, story, technique, advice, tips, publishing, querying. Blog articles, infographics, interesting images, videos. Whatever I feel might be of help to other writers I stick on The Funnily Enough, making it easier for writers to find stuff that deals with whatever issues they're having with their WIP, and hopefully send a little more traffic the way of worthwhile content. 

I update the site Mondays and Thursdays, usually a dozen or so links at a time. So if you’re interested in improving your writing, finding out what’s going on in the publishing world, or just looking for interesting bloggers to connect with, please drop in on The Funnily Enough and have a quick browse. 

Headings and summaries tell you what the article is about. Just click on any post that catches your eye and you’ll be taken directly to that site.

There’s also a widget you can add to your own blog that will let you see the latest posts as soon as they go up.


Ghadeer said...

I didn't know about this other blog- thanks for linking to it :)

mooderino said...

@Ghadeer-you're very welcome. I'm hoping to highlight good blog posts by people other than me.

Michael Di Gesu said...

Thanks Mood...

This is awesome. You certainly know a lot about writing and the industry. I will definitely link up to it.

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes!


mooderino said...

@Michael-cheers, hope the day went well.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

I'm adding the widget to my blog as soon as I post this!

mooderino said...

@Michael-Nice! Hope to send a few more readers to good blogs.

Gebelik said...

Good efforts. All the best for abutting posts. I acquire bookmarked you. Able done. I apprehend and like this post. Thanks.

MidnightCosmostar said...

Hello, you run such a fantastic domain, on it! Also I want to know one thing. Is that a paid blog theme which you can purchase or you used a regular one?

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